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Some say convenience is the ultimate goal in life. For broadcasting and pro AV professionals, convenience is the ultimate goal for every project. Complicated interfaces and long cable runs can make a few hours feel like an eternity.

This is why the NDI® toolkit is a must have for every pro AV and broadcasting professional. Let’s take some time to appreciate one of the favorites of the NDI® toolkit, the NDI® Audio Direct tool. Audio Direct is a powerful new tool for distributing audio signals across a network. Sending your audio across a network eliminates the need for costly audio equipment and  complicated cabling. The best part, the Audio Direct tool is free, as a part of the NDI®  toolkit. 


That’s cool, but what is Audio Direct really capable of?

Glad you asked! Audio Direct is a set of audio-plugins that allow just about any audio software application to take advantage of NDI® technology. NDI® users can use Audio Direct to select, receive and generate multichannel audio. The Audio Direct tool provides a significantly high audio output quality with near zero latency. 

This easy audio over IP solution also allows remote teams to take control, through virtual and cloud environments. Once it's downloaded, users can access the NDI® Audio Direct interface from any digital audio workstation program. 

Once you’re all set up and your audio devices are configured, you’ll be able to select the channels you wish to output your audio signals through. Audio Direct supports a variety of output options including 16 mono channels, 8 stereo channels, 4 quad channels, plus more. 


Overall, the NDI® Audio Direct tool is a powerful audio over IP software used by many professionals today. To learn more about NDI® Audio Direct, visit: NDI.TV

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