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Attending InfoComm, one of the most significant professional audiovisual and integrated experience events can be an exciting and informative experience for first-time visitors. With numerous exhibitors, presentations, and networking opportunities, proper preparation is key to making the most of your visit. In this comprehensive guide, we'll discuss essential items to bring and provide valuable tips to ensure you have a successful and fulfilling experience at InfoComm.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

One crucial piece of advice for InfoComm attendees is to wear comfortable shoes. The event typically covers a large area, requiring a significant amount of walking. By choosing comfortable footwear, you'll keep your feet happy throughout the day. Additionally, this year there's a special event called "Show your 'Show' Sneakers," where AV field professionals can showcase their stylish footwear and network with like-minded individuals. Don't miss it! Make sure to stop by booth 2926 on June 15th at 9 am.


Badge or Registration Confirmation

To ensure a smooth entry into the event, it's essential to have your registration confirmation or badge ready. Depending on the registration process, you may need to pre-register online or pick up your badge on-site. If you encounter any issues obtaining your badge, resolve them as soon as possible, as the weeks leading up to the show can be quite busy. If you still need to register, take advantage of code BZB771 for a free exhibit pass!


Bring a Plan or Schedule

With a multitude of sessions, keynotes, and exhibitors, having a plan in place will greatly enhance your experience. Review the event's schedule, identify the sessions and booths you'd like to visit and create a rough itinerary for your day. You can also utilize the show planner feature to add exhibitors of interest to your schedule and make the most of your time.


Take a Notepad and Pen

Carrying a notepad and pen is invaluable for taking notes during presentations, jotting down key takeaways, or creating a list of exhibitors you want to follow up with later. It's essential for capturing important details and maximizing your learning experience. In case you misplace your pen during the show, don't worry! You'll likely find replacements at various exhibitor booths, along with other free swag they're giving away.


Bring Business Cards

Networking is a significant aspect of InfoComm, so remember to bring a stack of business cards to exchange with exhibitors, industry professionals, or potential collaborators. This simple act facilitates efficient communication and enables you to stay connected and follow up after the event. If you don't have business cards or run out during the show, an effective alternative is to ask for their business card to jot down your name and contact information.


Bring a Portable Charger and Cables

Conferences can be draining on your device's battery life. To ensure your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets stay powered throughout the day, carry a portable charger and any necessary charging cables. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the show floor and locate rest areas that often provide charging stations. Taking breaks and recharging when needed will keep you energized throughout the event.


Bring a Comfortable Bag or Backpack

A comfortable bag or backpack is essential for carrying your essentials during the event. Opt for a bag with compartments or pockets to keep your items organized and easily accessible. As a first-timer, you're likely to leave with more than you arrived with, so having a reliable bag will prove invaluable.


Research and Prepare Questions

Prior to attending InfoComm, familiarize yourself with the exhibitors and their offerings. Research the companies you're interested in and think of questions you'd like to ask or specific areas you'd like to explore. Taking a proactive approach will maximize your interactions, allowing you to gather the information you need efficiently. This will save you time and enhance your overall experience at InfoComm.


Final Thoughts

Attending InfoComm as a first-time visitor can be a rewarding and memorable experience. By following the tips outlined in this guide and coming prepared with essential items, you'll be ready to navigate the event with ease. Remember to check the official InfoComm website or contact the event organizers for any specific guidelines or recommendations they may have for attendees. Enjoy your time at InfoComm, make the most of the valuable information and networking opportunities, and don't forget to visit BZBGEAR at booth 4553!

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