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Fusing technological solutions, BZBGEAR and NDI transcend the boundaries of live streaming and broadcasting.

April 29, 2021 – BZBGEAR, an audiovisual company producing Pro AV and live streaming camera solutions, announces support for software-driven IP workflows using NDI. They join the industry's largest IP ecosystem of products enabling IP-based workflows. BZBGEAR fuses NDI into three PTZ camera lines: BG-4KND-12XUHP, BG-UPTZ-ND series, and BG-ND-XHSRP series. These cameras will be identifiable as a source by other NDI-enabled products connected to a standard local network.

NDI is a Vizrt Group brand and a royalty-free technology allowing audio and video sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network. Every source device becomes a destination while expensive cable runs, costly direct connections, and infrastructure upgrades are no longer needed. 

Adding NDI technology to BZBGEAR’s PTZ cameras truly makes them universal. The latest compression algorithms and diverse video outputs provide compatibility with nearly any setup imaginable. "With our PTZ cameras now fitted with NDI®|HX, it’s a game changer that unlocks more opportunities and catapults what users can accomplish in the live streaming realm," said Eugene Bocharov, president, BZBGEAR. 

“Software-driven IP workflows have become ubiquitous in video production,” said Michael Namatinia, president, NDI. “NDI-enabled devices like BZBGEAR’s PTZ cameras exponentially increase the video sources available for live production creating efficiencies and opportunities for customers that did not previously exist. NDI is the most widely adopted IP technology on the market, epitomized by the millions of customers with access to it today.” 

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BZBGEAR was born from the competitive nature of the audiovisual industry and the surge of live streaming production. BZBGEAR provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for any size application including residential, commercial, government, and enterprise projects.


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