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Since 2015, NDI technology has continued to positively change the way AV professionals are able to work. Today, NDI (Network Device Interface) has solutions for over nine different industries, including: education, sports production, multi-cam editing, house of worship, broadcast solutions, corporate solutions, and government. NDI technology has even crossed over into the rapidly growing professional gaming industry. With this level of proficiency and reach, NDI will continue to advance.

The NDI|HX 3 Standard

One of the latest advancements from NDI has been the highly anticipated NDI|HX 3 standard. This standard is now available to anyone using an NDI|HX 3 enabled device. Users can select the NDI|HX 3 standard as an option on their enabled devices to produce better video, with reduced latency. NDI|HX 3 is able to achieve this by using a fraction of the bandwidth that the NDI high bandwidth standard uses. Even with the reduced bandwidth, this standard can still maintain high quality visuals. Compared to the NDI|HX 2 standard, NDI|HX 3 provides users with better visual quality and lower latency. Although, NDI|HX 3 does use slightly more bandwidth than the NDI|HX 2 standard.

How to Incorporate NDI|HX 3

The process of getting your devices to be compatible with the NDI|HX 3 standard is a bit different than the process for the NDI|HX 2 standard. Essentially, Newtek will not be testing old cameras that are NDI|HX 2 compliant. The reason being, most older cameras will not be able to run the NDI|HX 3 standard; so Newtek is only accepting purpose-built cameras that are running newer hardware to be evaluated and NDI|HX 3 certified. Basically, if users are not able to use the NDI|HX 3 standard, it is likely due to hardware limitations.

Overall, NDI|HX 3 is going to make the life of broadcast and live production professionals so much easier. Here at BZBGEAR, we are also excited to see what we can do with it.

To learn more about NDI|HX 3, please visit: NDI.TV. To learn more about BZBGEAR, visit:

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