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User can capture angles for both recorded and live-streaming broadcasts

BZBGEAR will be demonstrating the BG-Commander PTZ joystick controller, which the company says gives users “instantaneous and accurate pan, tilt and zoom control for both IP and serial controllable PTZ cameras.” The controls allow users to quickly capture angles for both recorded and live-streaming professional broadcasts. Its solid, durable case is designed to ensure reliability for both mobile productions and permanently installed environments.

The BG-Commander is armed with variable PTZ speed control for tailoring the pan, tilt and zoom motor movements. The push-button preset function enables users to switch between static shots, eliminating redundant joystick movements.

Parameters can be adjusted quickly from the BG-Commander’s setup menu via the on-screen display. Users can control PTZ cameras from long distances by implementing any of the four control modes—two IP modes (IP VISCA and ONVIF) and two analog modes (RS422 and RS232).

Equipped with power over Ethernet functionality, the IP joystick allows for a fast and clean installation. Simply connect to a PoE-compatible network switch, add a camera and start controlling.

See a demonstration of the BG-Commander in booth 1825.

TVT Staff

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