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Original article written by Dan Daley for Commercial Integrator.

This exclusive interview from Commercial Integrator with Eilbron Khoshabeh, VP of sales, BZBGEAR, highlights the latest developments in AV over IP. In particular, Dan Ferrisi, group editor, commercial and security, Emerald, talks with Khoshabeh about BZBGEAR’s leadership in the space. Together, they highlight two product families from BZBGEAR: VOP Series and IP Gear. They also analyze broader trends in the AV-over-IP category, including its rise as a means of AV signal transport.

This conversation is, of course, part of Commercial Integrator’s AV over IP Deep Dive, which will be all over the site throughout the month. The Deep Dive report is the central repository for all things AV over IP, including analysis of emerging technologies and standards, vertical-market use cases and ongoing challenges.

To watch the full conversation on AV-over-IP with BZBGEAR executive Eilbron Khoshabeh, check out the embedded video:



During their nearly 10-minute chat, Ferrisi and Khoshabeh hit on all the following topics:

Please keep your eyes on in the days ahead as more AV over IP Deep Dive content drops!


Original article written by Dan Daley for Commercial Integrator.

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