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BZBGEAR Makes Waves with 4 Wins at the Prestigious Event

InfoComm 2023, the premier event in the Pro AV industry, recently took place in Orlando, Florida, from June 10-16. This gathering brought together professionals, enthusiasts, and industry leaders for an immersive week of technological advancements, comprehensive educational programs, and networking opportunities. With over 36,000 registrants, the event was a resounding success that showcased the transformative power of Pro AV solutions.


The event boasted 29,325 verified attendees from an astounding 115 countries, reflecting the global reach and significance of InfoComm. International participants comprised 20% of the attendees, underscoring the event's influence on a worldwide scale. Additionally, an impressive 37% of attendees were first-time visitors, indicating the event's appeal to newcomers and veterans alike.


The trade show floor at InfoComm 2023 was a sprawling landscape that hosted 700 exhibitors. These companies spread across 358,700 net square feet in the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center, presented their cutting-edge Pro AV products and solutions. The diversity and ingenuity on display were a testament to the industry's constant drive for innovation and improvement.


InfoComm also offered AV professionals the opportunity to enhance their expertise and earn Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credentials. During the event, a total of 156 professionals earned their CTS certification, with 112 achieving CTS, 27 attaining CTS-D (Design), and 17 obtaining CTS-I (Installation). This underlined the commitment of industry professionals to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.


David Labuskes, CEO of AVIXA, expressed his excitement and admiration for the event and the industry's rapid evolution. He lauded the creativity and inspiration displayed by attendees and their contributions to enhancing the world through Pro AV solutions. Rochelle Richardson, senior vice president of expositions and events at AVIXA, commended the collective effort of exhibitors, sponsors, attendees, and other stakeholders in making InfoComm 2023 a resounding success.


One company, BZBGEAR, stood out as a shining star among the participants. Celebrating a remarkable achievement, BZBGEAR secured wins in four prestigious categories at the InfoComm Show. The company's commitment to crafting cutting-edge, innovative products that redefine the market garnered well-deserved recognition. With these wins, BZBGEAR's impressive collection of accolades has reached 15, cementing its position as an industry pioneer constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards for excellence.


As we celebrate this incredible achievement by BZBGEAR, we eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking developments they have in store for the future. Their success is a testament to the spirit of innovation and collaboration that InfoComm embodies, fueling the Pro AV industry's continuous growth and progress.


InfoComm 2023 has set a high bar, and industry professionals worldwide are already looking forward to the next edition. Mark your calendars for InfoComm 2024, set to take place in Las Vegas from June 8-14 (Exhibits 12-14) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Join the Pro AV community in embracing the future of technology and experiencing the transformative power of innovation.

(Statistics Provided by AVIXA)

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