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You may have come across the name “videobar” when looking at conference cameras or maybe just browsing tech products. Maybe you’ve looked up the word “videobar” and came across the Bose Videobar VB1. Either way, you probably still know very little about what a videobar actually is. So, let’s answer the question; What is a videobar? 


What is a videobar? The basics 

A videobar is a long rectangular or oval-shaped conference camera with built-in speakers. A videobar sets itself aside by incorporating microphones and a camera into its housing. These devices are meant to be all-in-one solutions for videoconferencing. Most videobar models are similar to a webcam in that they require a computer to connect to. Although, some videobars can run perfectly fine on their own, with their own operating system. Most videobars will sport USB output, HDMI output, 3.5mm line-input and 3.5mm line-output interfaces. On some models, the videobar will include an RJ45 interface to be able to connect to an expansion microphone. 

Additional features you may see on a few videobar models include: Bluetooth connectivity, an auto-framing face detection algorithm, an automatic privacy cover for the camera lens and voice-localization in microphones for voice auto-tracking. 


Can I mount a videobar?

Yes, you actually have a few different mounting options for a videobar. In most cases, you’ll see a videobar mounted on top or underneath the conference room display. This mounting style typically offers the best results in terms of functionality and aesthetic. Many videobars can also be mounted to a wall or a desk. 

Overall, videobars are perfect for conference rooms and meeting rooms. If you frequently have videoconferences with a small to medium sized team, implementing a videobar can be a game changer. If you were interested in the features listed above, the BZBGEAR BG-CYCLOPS-4K videobar is equipped with many groundbreaking features and specifications. To learn more about the BG-CYCLOPS-4K, visit:

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