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Dante stands for digital audio network through ethernet. Dante AV by Audinate is a competitor in the AV over IP space. Dante AV specializes in audio over IP but offers a video over IP solution as well. What about Dante AV makes it stand out from competitors? 


Dante AV gives 8 channels of Dante audio for seamless connectivity. Along with the 8 channels of point-to-multipoint audio, users can add one source of point-to-point video. With Dante, users can transmit and receive audio and video over their network. Furthermore, with the Dante controller, control for both audio and video will be unified. Users will then be able to control all sources from one screen.

Routing and Control

Routing the video and audio streams with Dante is made simple by the independent routing streams. This routing option eliminates the need for a matrix switch in most cases. Routing is also made easier with the automatic discovery ability and one-click connections. Users will not have to take the time to configure all of their devices manually. 

Network Clock

A key feature of Dante is, it is aligned to a network clock. Thanks to this alignment, users will have a better synchronization of endpoints (both audio and video). The IP clocks will automatically synchronize over an ethernet network using NTP (network time protocol) or SNTP (simple network time protocol). These network time protocols keep device clocks synchronized. In turn, what this does is makes sure the video and multichannel audio are perfectly synchronized to eliminate latency. 

Output Quality

Dante provides a high image quality up to YUV 4:4:4 and low latency with 100% audio/visual synchronization. This is possible because Dante uses JPEG2000, which is an image coding system that uses special compression techniques. 

Security and Protection 

Dante AV devices will store all of the settings on the device. So if the system powers down, the settings will not be lost. This storage method provides users with flexibility and a sense of security. Another advantage of Dante AV that adds a layer of security is the HDCP compliance that comes with it. HDCP is high definition content protection. The HDCP will prevent those without permission from taking or repurposing content.

Overall, Dante AV comes with a number of important features. Here at BZBGEAR, we are excited to see what Dante AV does next. To learn more about Dante AV, visit: Audinate.

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