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What is Dante Connect?

Dante Connect is a free, one-day event hosted by Audinate that covers all things Dante. At Dante Connect, you’ll experience the new Dante video solutions including Dante AV and Dante Studio along with new applications in Dante audio. 


Come by for training! The Dante Connect event also offers well organized training courses for visitors and exhibitors, which includes: An introduction to Dante for beginners, managed switch configuration and intermediate and advanced Dante Certification, plus special presentations for AV designers, consultants, integrators, engineers and network managers.


A great place for networking. Besides the educational aspects of the event, Dante Connect is a great place to connect with manufactures, industry professionals and meet the team behind the amazing Dante technology!


What we recommend for Beginners. The Dante beginners training and bootcamp offers hands-on experience with the technology. The training is done with small groups of users sharing systems at tables, creating the perfect environment for networking and collaboration.


 Is there anything I should do to prepare for beginners training? 

Attendees should bring their laptop and have Dante Controller installed, so they can control the system, and feed music to it. Once everyone has created the systems at their tables, we will join all tables together for a larger scale system. Overall, the training is designed to be fun and interactive, creating an open learning environment.


Dante Connect sounds amazing, where do I sign up? First, we recommend keeping up with upcoming events by Audinate, so you know when and where the next Dante Connect event will be. Save or bookmark this link

To attend a Dante Connect event, click on the event tab and register! Registering is easy, all you have to do is provide basic information and choose training courses that you are interested in.


More about the host

Audinate is a leading provider of professional AV networking technologies globally. Audinate's Dante platform distributes digital audio and video signals over computer networks, and is designed to bring the benefits of IT networking to the professional AV industry.

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