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New AV-over-IP solutions are designed to allow OEMs and end users to deliver networked video over standard Gigabit networks.

Audinate is launching a new family of solutions under its brand of AV-over-IP video solution Dante AV designed to allow OEMs and end users to deliver networked video over standard Gigabit networks.

The new family includes a rebrand of Dante AV to Dante AV Ultra, which Audinate calls the “highest-performing solution” in the new Dante AV family. The solution is designed for applications that need the lowest latency and completely synchronized audio and video, such as image magnification and broadcast contribution.

Starting now, all new products based on the original Dante AV module will be Dante AV Ultra branded and current Dante AV products will be rebranded to Dante AV Ultra later this year.

In addition, the new family includes Dante AV-H, a new software solution designed to allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to incorporate Dante control into existing H.26x-based IP video product designs.

According to the company, this provides IT-level management for cost-effective IP video products such as PTZ cameras, encoders and decoders using Dante Domain Manager. It integrates industry standard Dante Audio into AV-over-IP products, giving users the ability to independently route audio and video to wherever it is needed using the popular Dante Controller software.

Audinate says its video products are rapidly gaining adoption within the AV-over-IP market, with 26 OEMs licensed, and the company is in the process of developing and delivering video-enabled products to end users. One of the latest original design manufacturers, Cypress Technology, will launch extenders with Dante AV Ultra by the end of 2022, the company says.

The company says ten partners will build products with Dante AV-H, including AVer, Avonic, Bolin, BZB Gear, HuddleCam, Lumens, Minnray, Telycam, Televic, and ValueHD.

The company says all Dante AV family products use a single application to manage both audio and video for greater visibility and ease of use. Because Dante AV products provide separate routable streams for audio and video, integration is easier with sound and recording systems. They’re also interoperable with the more than 3,500 Dante products already on the market.

The company also highlights IT-level security and monitoring in Dante Domain Manager that helps take the complexity out of AV-over-IP for manufacturers and end users.

Additionally, Dante Studio lets IT and AV managers bring Dante AV Ultra, soon Dante AV-H, into AV production workflows, making them easy and reliable.

“Dante AV symbolizes everything we wanted in a name for our new product family,” said Bryce Dunn, Senior Director of Product Management. “We are excited to introduce a broader range of solutions to address the needs of more customers and users, all with Dante AV’s legendary ease of use delivered over standard IP networks.”

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