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Similar to a splitter, a distribution amplifier is used to take a single input signal and split it to multiple output displays. However, a distribution amplifier also boosts and strengthens those split signals to reach farther distances without signal degradation.



The BZBGEAR BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT amplifier splitter distributes one HDMI signal to four HDBaseT™ outputs without any loss in quality. It is a 1x4 HDBaseT/HDMI amplifier splitter that uses a single CAT6/6a cable to distribute HD and 4K at 18Gbps long distances. It can send 4K@60Hz signals 130 feet (40 meters) and 1080p@60Hz signals 230 feet (70 meters). It also supports HDMI 2.0b, HDCP 2.2, and has EDID support settings. The unit comes with four HDBaseT receivers.

amplifier splitter kit

The BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT amplifier splitter utilizes Power over Cable (PoC) technology. This means you can power either the splitter (transceiver) and/or the receivers with a single 24V power supply. Convenient if you don’t have enough power outlets where the amplifier splitter is going.  Simply plug in at the receiver and it’ll power up the entire unit via the HDBaseT output using the CAT6 cables.

amplifier splitter front

Need to split your input signal to more than four output displays? Connect another BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT amplifier splitter unit using the optional HDMI loop out and you can cascade, essentially creating a 1x8 splitter.

amplifier splitter back

You can control the BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT via Web UI, RS-232, and IR connections. The user-friendly WeB UI interface is great when you need to configure settings to match resolutions.


We pride ourselves in taking good care of our customers. To assure peace of mind, the BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT amplifier splitter is backed by a solid two-year hassle free warranty along with free expert tech support seven days a week.


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