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What does an audio amplifier do? An audio amplifier reproduces input audio signals to improve sound quality. Plug your audio input signals into the amplifier, make your adjustments, and output your improved audio when you’re ready. Audio amplifiers come with a variety of features that address different goals. Let’s go through each of the key features and discuss how they might be helpful.


What is audio matrixing?

Audio matrixing allows you to route any audio input to any audio output. Audio matrixing is an excellent feature for those operating multiple audio devices. Users can route their audio signals with a windows 7/10 PC using a BZBGEAR audio amplifier. BZBGEAR offers easy and free to use control software. If you’re interested in implementing the audio matrixing feature, check out the BG-AU88-MA.


Digital Signal Processing Explained

Digital signal processing (DSP) allows you to manage key aspects of your audio. This includes the expander, EQ compressor, auto-gain, limiter, high-pass filter, low-pass filter, and delay for each audio channel.

Having access to these settings will allow you to perfect your audio output. Managing these settings requires a bit of background knowledge, so it’s important to have an experienced team member on board for audio DSP processing. If this feature interests you, take a look at the BG-AU88-MA.


Amplifier with a Mic Input

An amplifier with a mic input does exactly what the title suggests. You can input audio from a microphone, on top of the other audio input signals. A selection of BZBGEAR audio amplifiers are equipped with a 3-pin MIC input, have selectable 48V phantom power, support balanced or unbalanced signals, and feature external noise suppression.

This feature is great for anyone working with live productions, live conferences and other live events that require a live speaker. If you’re interested in the mic input feature, check out the BG-AMPC40 or the BG-AMP2X20.


Bass, Treble and Volume Control

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. With this feature, you can control the bass levels, treble levels, and volume. This is a basic feature but can be useful for those who are looking for creative freedom with their audio. If bass, treble and audio control is important for your application, take a look at the BG-AMPC40 or the BG-AMP2X20.


Dante Audio Support

Dante is a combination of software, hardware, and network protocols that delivers uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard Ethernet network. This feature basically enables network-based audio production. If this feature stands out to you, take a look at the BG-AU88-MA.

Overall, audio amplifiers can come equipped with a variety of features. BZBGEAR’s audio amplifiers provide flexibility to cover a number of application requirements. To learn more about our audio amplifiers, visit:

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