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BZBGEAR and Amazing Tech Co., Ltd combine industry expertise with award-winning pro AV and broadcasting solutions.

BZBGEAR®, a global one-stop manufacturer of professional audiovisual and broadcasting equipment based in Sacramento, CA, announces its partnership with Amazing Tech Co., Ltd. Amazing Tech Co., Ltd is a premier technology company in Shenzhen, China, specializing in distributing pro AV software and hardware solutions. The collaboration between the two companies aims to broaden BZBGEAR product offerings and innovations to its worldwide customers.

This partnership combines the industry expertise and reach in China of Amazing Tech Co., Ltd with the award-winning pro AV and broadcasting solutions of BZBGEAR. "We're proud to partner with Amazing Tech Co., Ltd and expand our customized solutions to meet the evolving needs of the pro AV industry in China," said Eugene Bocharov, CEO and president, BZBGEAR.

The partnership between BZBGEAR and Amazing Tech Co., Ltd reflects their commitment to providing the highest quality audiovisual solutions to customers across various industries and regions.

Established in 2019 and headquartered in Sacramento, California, BZBGEAR is a worldwide one-stop source manufacturer for pro AV and broadcasting products. BZBGEAR's mission is to provide top-grade AV and broadcasting solutions while giving precedence to design, user experience, and lifetime product support. Every solution is carefully designed by BZBGEAR hardware and software engineers to ensure the quality and features are unmatched. With award-winning products and industry-leading support, BZBGEAR is the number one choice for any AV and broadcast application. Learn more at

About Amazing Tech Co., Ltd:
Amazing Tech Co., Ltd is a premier technology company based in Shenzhen, China, that specializes in software and hardware solutions for various industries, including audio-visual, broadcasting, and security. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and superior customer support, Amazing Tech Co., Ltd provides advanced solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of its customers. Learn more at

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