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Roadmap to 2023

Trevon Martin • January 16, 2023


2022 was a year of innovation for the company and a year of growth for the team. In 2023, we will continue to innovate and grow, but we plan to do so in a much larger way. The roadmap to 2023 looks very promising for BZBGEAR. We expect a range of innovative new products, game-changing software developments, and a major step forward into the 8K space. We are also registered to attend some of the most prominent tradeshow events in the professional AV and broadcast industry. Let’s get right into it!


Highly Anticipated Product Releases 

What types of new products can you expect from BZBGEAR in 2023? As you may know, BZBGEAR specializes in both broadcasting and professional audio-visual equipment. We plan to release several innovative cameras, additions to the AV over IP category, and an all-new 8K line-up. As always, our goal is to break new ground when we release new equipment, so let’s see what makes these products stand out! 


New Broadcasting Equipment 

As mentioned above, we will be releasing a few new cameras to the line-up. Most exciting, we are extending the BG-ADAMO series!  

For those who have had their eye on the ADAMO but are operating on a budget, we are adding a 1080p version to the BG-ADAMO series that will be more budget-friendly! The BG-ADAMO-JR will have all of the features that a standard BG-ADAMO-4K model has, with the only difference being the max resolution. The BG-ADAMO-JR will also be available with the Dante AV-H and NDI|HX3 standards for network-based production. The BG-ADAMO-JR is guaranteed to be the best 1080p PTZ camera in 2023! 


New Audio Visual Equipment

In 2023, BZBGEAR plans to release software advanced AV equipment, which is guaranteed to break new ground in the audio-visual industry. One of the major developments we are making is in the AV over IP space. With advances in software, this new AVoIP system will support resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz. Other than advances in picture quality, the upgraded software will provide a better user experience overall. Does this sound interesting to you? If so, keep an eye out for the IPGEAR-PRO AVoIP system by BZBGEAR! 


2023: The Year of Software Development

In 2023, BZBGEAR will go all-in on software development. This will result in significantly smarter and more technologically advanced equipment. BZBGEAR will also improve software control apps, including our AV over IP control and management software as mentioned above. As AV continues to converge into the IT space, BZBGEAR is finding ways to keep up with the latest trends. In most cases, BZBGEAR has been ahead of schedule, setting new trends in the AV software space.

Another exciting software development we plan to make is auto-tracking for all new BZBGEAR PTZ cameras. This auto-tracking software will be an added feature to our existing PTZ control software for iOS and Mac. This feature will allow users to switch on auto-tracking mode from an Apple device on a whim. More information will be provided once the software is released. 

And of course, we must continue to innovate the multi-award-winning BG-ADAMO series! In 2023, the BG-ADAMO series will be tremendously intuitive and technologically advanced with updates to its artificial intelligence-powered auto-tracking and auto-focusing algorithms. In 2022, industry professionals were already genuinely impressed with the ADAMO’s auto-tracking, stating it was the best they’d ever seen! With the updates to artificial intelligence, you can expect to be truly amazed at its capabilities.


Ready for the 8K revolution

Since 2022, BZBGEAR has been gearing up for the 8K revolution. In 2023, BZBGEAR will offer an array of 8K compatible equipment, including signal switchers, amplifiers, and matrix switchers. To accompany this new line-up of 8K equipment, we will also include 8K HDMI and fiber cables. 8K products by BZBGEAR are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, as the company will be an official member of the 8K alliance. 

Why is BZBGEAR jumping ahead on 8K equipment? In the entertainment and multimedia space, 8K displays are being used more and more. Especially as companies plan to get ahead of the competition in the new year. Additionally, an industry that’s been on the rise is professional gaming. 8K compatible AV equipment pairs perfectly with high-performance monitors that support high refresh rates, such as 4K@120Hz monitors. This is perfect for fast-action visual experiences. Another sector of the market that’s been giving lots of attention to 8K is home entertainment. Specifically, those who like to stay up-to-date with the latest standards and technologies for home entertainment. 


Tradeshow Events We’ll Exhibit

In 2023, we guarantee we will make a splash in the tradeshow scene again! Last year, BZBGEAR took home a total of six awards, four being from major trade shows, both in the U.S. and internationally! With a new line-up of innovative products and software developments, we are expecting to perform even better in 2023. Let’s look at some of the tradeshows we’re already registered with. 


Wave 2023

The Worship Audio Visual Experience event brings together leading instructors and AVL manufacturers to give production teams and church leadership the skills and knowledge to engage, communicate and grow their churches. Wave aims to educate houses of worship on the importance of utilizing audio-visual technologies. BZBGEAR has been providing AV and broadcasting solutions to houses of worship for years now, which is what makes this event so important. In 2023, we plan to bring new solutions to the forefront of church technology, so keep an eye out! Visit booth 102. 


ISE 2023

Integrated Systems Europe 2023 will take place in Barcelona, Spain. ISE is the Industry-leading trade show for wireless and wireline network evolution. Visitors will also see the latest innovations in the AV and broadcasting spaces. We are planning big reveals and collaborations for ISE 2023! We can be found at booth 5j200. 


Educating for Careers Conference 2023 - Sacramento

The Educating for Careers Conference is an annual three-day professional development event surrounding career technical education (CTE). A variety of delivery systems, strategies, and Industry Sectors throughout the CTE system are represented in the more than 200 sessions throughout this three-day conference. Technical assistance is also provided by several of the delivery systems through a variety of methods during the conference. This will be our second time attending the Educating for Careers Conference and we’re excited to be back! If you’ll be there as well, visit booth 215. 


InfoComm 2023

InfoComm 2023 will take place in Orlando Florida, the home of Walt Disney World and Universal! InfoComm is a large trade show event for the latest in IT and entertainment technology. We look forward to InfoComm 2023 and will be releasing more information soon. If you’ll be visiting or exhibiting InfoComm 2023, remember to stop by booth 4553. 


Pro Integration Future Asia 2023

Through its exciting showcases, PIFA empowers exhibitors and integrators to create and build a straightforward connection with vertical markets that matter to them most! Pro Integration Future Asia will provide an opportunity for BZBGEAR to enter new markets. PIFA visitors are already expressing their excitement for BZBGEAR! 


NAB 2023 

In April of 2023, The NAB show will be hosted again in Las Vegas. Every year, the National Association of Broadcasters hosts this show in the same place around the same time. Each time around, thousands of people show up to see the latest innovations in the broadcast industry. Plan to visit BZBGEAR at NAB 2023! We will be at booth C5941. 


IBC 2023

IBC is one of the world’s most inspiring content and technology events. It draws together the global media, entertainment, and technology industry for a compelling live experience that enables every attendee to gain critical insights, share expertise and unlock business opportunities. Created ‘by the industry, for the industry’ – a principle established on its founding in 1967 that carries through to today – IBC has continued to evolve with each new trend and technology over its 55-year history. Attracting representatives from 24 countries in its first year, IBC now welcomes exhibitors, speakers, and visitors from more than 170 nations. This will be our second time visiting IBC and the team is very excited! 


Closing Statement

Overall, we look forward to 2023 and are eager to see what the future holds. Make sure you are following BZBGEAR on social media to keep up with what we’re doing. Thank you to all who supported BZBGEAR in 2022 and thanks in advance to all who support us in 2023!

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