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How to Create Immersive Experiences

Trevon Martin • December 2, 2022

What defines an immersive experience? Having an immersive experience is the perception of being a part of a real or imagined environment that has been manipulated by design and technology. An example of an immersive experience might be virtual reality or even a theme park such as Disneyland that makes one feel like they are in an imagined world using physical design and multimedia technology. 

The question is, how does the average person create an immersive experience for their audience if they do not have VR technology or own a theme park? Short answer: Combine 8K displays with immersive audio. 


Combining 8K Video with Immersive Audio

An 8K image offers an ultra-high-definition image that is more lifelike to the human eye than a 4K or 1080p resolution. Additionally, the ideal monitor size for 8K can be 2 to 5 times larger than 4K displays. With a 4K image, the ideal monitor size would be 27 to 43 inches, while an 8K image supports a 65-to-85-inch display. 

Having 65-to-85-inch displays with lifelike 8K image quality and smooth video processing creates a memorable experience alone. Adding immersive audio can take it a step further. 

Immersive audio provides an audience with a natural three-dimensional audio experience. To create a three-dimensional audio experience, there must be audio sources in front of the audience, behind the audience, above the audience and any other angle possible. The idea is to create the illusion of the audience being there in the imagined environment and hear all of the details one would expect if they were in that situation in real life. 

Immersive audio is really the key here but having an 8K display is what actually brings the experience to life. Even for simple applications such as sports bars, the audience will be able to experience the game as if they were there in the stadium. 


Overall, this is a simple and effective way to create an immersive experience for your audience. If you’d like to learn more about BZBGEAR’s 8K compatible devices, visit and speak with a BZBGEAR representative.

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