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BZBGEAR Presents Live Stream and Video Conference Solutions

Joel R. Cruz • July 2, 2020

Live streaming and video conferencing are more accessible than ever with present technology. The power of smartphones and the reach of the internet allows millions to communicate and broadcast whenever they so please. And with the way 2020 took a hard left, driving people to adapt to new social and working methods, live streaming and video conferencing are an essential means of staying connected.

BZBGEAR is proud to present our latest broadcasting solutions for live streaming and video conferencing.


Webcams and Speakerphones

An easy and efficient way to communicate is through video conference. When colleagues, family members, or doctors and their patients are unable to meet, video conferencing is a brilliant solution. It utilizes cameras (integrated or external), speakerphones, and TV displays to bring the experience all together.

Webcams offer high-resolution image details that phones and laptops just cannot match. BZBGEAR’s webcams offer up to 4K resolutions with auto focus, auto framing, and digital zoom capabilities. They work with your Mac or Windows PC, connecting to the USB-A 2.0 or 3.0 ports. When it comes to sound quality, our webcams support a number of audio formats for recording sounds and voices. Supported standard formats include AAC, MP4, and PCM.


PTZ Cameras and IP Streaming

PTZ Cameras that can pan, tilt, and zoom along with having IP streaming capabilities give you more control and a more professional look. Great for meetings but even greater when utilized during live event productions. The compact design achieves modern flexibility to operate in any space. Connecting is straightforward with CAT 6/7 cables, HDMI, USB to your PC and main display. A simple custom setup on control via user interface and you’re ready to connect for a Zoom meeting, a live stream on your YouTube Channel, or hosting an exclusive event for your followers on a private IP address. BZBGEAR offers a variety of Broadcast PTZ cameras precisely for this purpose.


Live Streaming in The Digital Age

Perform for an audience with live streaming. Imagine the possibilities with a studio setup that extends beyond live recording. Include an IP PTZ Camera to an acoustic rated studio and you got yourself a setting for your audience to follow. An IP PTZ camera allows you to live stream and record your performance. As well, your recorded copy can be edited for other social media uses. Create a green room studio for podcasts and other live events and the possibilities are endless.

Live streaming has taken the world by storm. According to Cisco, video will represent 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2021. Live streaming and video conferencing for business is becoming a communication-solution necessity in the digital age. Businesses will continue to spend on video content and the live streaming industry will only grow as video consumption continues to rise. BZBGEAR will be in the forefront with emerging solutions for a rebuilding US economy.

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