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Vistacom Tech Expo 2023 - Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technologies in Bethlehem, PA

Date: September 26, 2023
Location: Wind Creek Event Center, Bethlehem, PA

The Vistacom Tech Expo is an annual spectacle that illuminates the forefront of audiovisual (AV), control room, and unified communication technologies. With an unwavering commitment to seamlessly integrate groundbreaking innovations across diverse industries, Vistacom serves as the bridge between technology providers, exceptional customer experiences, and impeccable workmanship.

For over 15 remarkable years, the Tech Expo has evolved into a pivotal stage for the debut of avant-garde solutions, granting attendees access to engage with more than 50 exhibitors. Here, they discover not only the necessary tools but also boundless inspiration and actionable insights to transform visionary concepts into tangible technological realities.

This year, the spotlight gleamed brightly on BZBGEAR at Vistacom, with attendees eagerly anticipating their exhibition. BZBGEAR dazzled the event with an array of award-winning and novel products, including the BG-ADAMO-4K 4K AI auto-tracking PTZ camera, the BG-NUTRIX medical grade PTZ camera, the BG-Commander-Jr compact PTZ joystick controller, the BG-CYCLOPS video bar, signal testers, and AVoIP systems.

The equipment's seamless performance during demonstrations and hands-on experiences left attendees thoroughly impressed. We eagerly anticipate the growth of newfound relationships and the fruits of these promising partnerships in the coming years.

About Vistacom

Since its inception in 1954, Vistacom has grown from a humble family-owned business to a distinguished member of the top 50 audiovisual integration firms in the United States. The journey began with pioneering state-of-the-art sound and emergency alert systems in the Lehigh Valley. Throughout this journey, our unwavering commitment to customer service, craftsmanship, and collaborative innovation has propelled us to become a premier AV systems integrator with a global footprint.

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