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The life of production and broadcasting professionals continuously changes as technology advances. Along with the advancements in technology, live stream productions are becoming more popular in various industries. Many professionals find themselves having to take their work on the road. Luckily, NDI technology by NewTek allows professionals to take their amazing content around the world, making the world their studio.

What is NDI?

NDI (Network Device Interface) is the industry’s leading IP streaming protocol that eliminates many of the complexities of network-based video production. The NDI open protocol enables professionals to share video through a local area network (LAN) with video-compatible devices. With a single ethernet cable connection, professionals can merge all stages of production from start to finish. That way, all production tasks and processes will be united, so accomplishing a creative vision will be simple.

The Future of Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Although NDI is the future of live streaming and broadcasting, the future of NDI technology continues to get brighter itself. NDI is being widely adopted by the broadcasting industry worldwide. It is also growing into spaces such as podcasting, sports and gaming. Recently, NDI introduced the NDI|HX 3 standard which uses a fraction of the bandwidth and still provides superior quality. This level of proficiency makes video a standard part of every computer network.

Who's Using NDI?

NDI is used by many notable tech companies including Adobe Pro Video, Panasonic, and Cisco. At the NAB show, NDI Marketing Lead, Suso Carillo, emphasized that NDI is especially excited about its growing partnerships.

NDI Cameras

One of the proud partners of NDI happens to be BZBGEAR! We have a line of NDI|HX enabled PTZ cameras that offer unparalleled flexibility compared to traditional IP PTZ cameras. Equipped with practical features like auto-discovery and the ability to stream to multiple devices on the network simultaneously, NDI cameras remove the need for costly video infrastructure and complicated cabling.

These NDI cameras require nothing more than a simple Ethernet connection to distribute video content. That means professionals will take less time setting up or troubleshooting and put more time into producing content!

Overall, the most exciting part about NDI is, it keeps getting better.

For more information about NDI, visit: To check out the BZBGEAR NDI cameras, visit:

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