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With the BZBGEAR configurator, you can assemble any size pro AV or professional broadcast solution today. Optimize your solution for everything from your work environment down to the connection type. If your project requires a custom solution, the configurator will lead you to a BZBGEAR representative so you can get assistance with finding the right equipment. 


How it Works

The BZBGEAR configurator is simple, just answer a few simple questions and you’ll get results soon after. Every question provides examples and/or explanations to further assist you in making the most accurate selections. Once you receive your list of solutions, you can choose products from the list or save the list by downloading an excel sheet with all the information you need to make a decision later.


What if I don’t receive a solution right away?

If you get to the end and you don’t immediately receive a list of solutions, then your project qualifies for a custom solution! The configurator will lead you to contact information which you can use to contact a BZBGEAR representative. From there you will get assistance with curating a customized solution that will work for your project. 


Overall, the BZBGEAR configurator is a wonderful tool for anyone that’s unsure what will work best for their project. 

the perfect solution

Choose between main different parameters to get BZBGEAR products ideal fit to your solution.