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The BG-NUTRIX PTZ camera system can also be highly effective in security applications due to its advanced features

Nothing goes unnoticed with this level of quality
4K UHD video at 60Hz is crucial for security applications, as it allows for clear identification of individuals and objects. The camera's ability to capture fine details can help in recognizing faces, reading license plates, and monitoring activities with precision.

The powerful zoom capability enables security personnel to focus on specific areas or subjects without losing clarity. This is essential for monitoring large areas, zooming in on suspicious activities, or getting detailed views from a distance.
Advanced features to enhance monitoring
The advanced auto-tracking ensures that moving subjects are continuously monitored. This feature is valuable for tracking intruders or suspicious individuals automatically, reducing the need for constant manual camera adjustments.

The night vision capability ensures effective monitoring in low-light or complete darkness. This is particularly important for nighttime surveillance and in areas with poor lighting, ensuring that security is maintained 24/7.
Integrated 2-Way audio
The built-in audio system allows for two-way communication, which can be useful for security personnel to interact with individuals in the monitored area. Clear audio can also aid in detecting suspicious sounds.

The detachable base enables users to separate the stereo speakers from the microphones for diverse audio setups. 
Enhanced connectivity, stream quality, and management
HDMI, USB, and LAN connection options ensure that the camera can be easily integrated into existing security systems and network infrastructures. This flexibility is crucial for both new installations and upgrades to current systems.

NDI|HX technology allows for real-time, low-latency video transmission over IP networks. This ensures smooth and timely video feeds, which are critical for effective security monitoring and response.

The BG-Nutrix Management Software allows for remote control of the camera’s PTZ functions and other settings, enabling security teams to adjust views and settings from a central control room or remotely.

Additional use cases in security-related applications

Perimeter Surveillance

  • Up to 1TB memory card
  • 30X optical zoom
  • 4K @ 60Hz image quality
  • Kensington Security Slot

The camera’s high resolution and powerful zoom are ideal for monitoring large perimeters, ensuring that any movement is detected and recorded. If activity needs to be documented, security personnel can record and save up to 1TB of 4K video, which can be downloaded directly from the camera's web interface as well.

Additionally, the Kensington Security Slot can be used to keep the camera safe and secure in public spaces.


Building Security

  • Up to 1TB memory card
  • 30X optical zoom
  • 4K @ 60Hz image quality
  • Kensington Security Slot
  • Magna app

In offices, hospitals, schools, and other buildings, the camera can monitor entrances, hallways, and common areas to enhance security and ensure safety. The high-quality video and 30X optical zoom ensure security personnel can capture critical details. For on-the-go monitoring access, the Magna app gives users access to camera feeds organized by location.

Additionally, to secure the camera from theft, users can take advantage of the Kensington Security Slot.


Retail Security

  • Up to 1TB memory card
  • 30X optical zoom
  • 4K @ 60Hz image quality
  • Kensington Security Slot
  • Magna app

The camera can be used to monitor customer and employee activities, helping in loss prevention and enhancing overall store security. The 4K @ 60Hz image quality ensures that no details are missed when monitoring or recording. Users can use the Magna app to view the video feeds of multiple cameras, access audio, PTZ functions, and more. Additionally, the Kensington Security Slot can be used to protect the camera from theft or tampering. 


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