Wave 2023

WAVE 2023
Post WAVE 2023 Recap
2023 Wave - Orlando, FL - Eastern and International Business Development Manager Chris Graham flew out to beautiful Orlando, Florida from Sacramento, California to represent BZBGEAR at the Worship Audio Visual Experience tradeshow event. WAVE 2023 brought together a plethora of manufacturers and instructors to give church production and leadership teams the knowledge and tools for improving their churches. Chris got an opportunity to build relationships with the house of worship industry professionals and catch up with industry partners and friends. Overall, WAVE 2023 was a major success for BZBGEAR and we can’t wait for the next one!

What did BZBGEAR bring to the show?

At the BZBGEAR booth, eventgoers got to see an array of popular and award-winning solutions. This includes the multi-award winning 4K auto-tracking BG-ADAMO-4K, the innovative BG-Commander joystick controller, the popular BG-VPTZ-HSU3 live streaming camera, and the BG-UPTZ live streaming camera. All products were on full display and open for demonstrations during the show!

More about WAVE

The Worship Audio Visual Experience event brings together leading instructors and AVL manufacturers to give production teams and church leadership the skills and knowledge to engage, communicate and grow their churches. Wave aims to educate houses of worship on the importance of utilizing audio-visual technologies.

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