AVL Media - Solotech Show 2023
AVL Media Group and BZBGEAR have joined forces to exhibit BZBGEAR products at the Solotech Sales Kickoff event. Chris Graham, the Eastern US & Intl Business Development Director of BZBGEAR, had an enjoyable experience collaborating with our partners from AVL to design the BZBGEAR booth and engage with attendees about our cutting-edge solutions.

What did BZBGEAR bring to the Solotech show?

BZBGEAR and AVL Media Group joined forces to showcase a selection of BZBGEAR's most popular PTZ camera models, cutting-edge video distribution products, and advanced joystick controllers. The collaboration aimed to highlight the unique features and superior quality of BZBGEAR's offerings, while demonstrating AVL Media Group's expertise in bringing state-of-the-art AV solutions to market.

More about AVL Media Group

AVL Media Group is recognized as a reference in the area of full-service distribution. Founded in 1996 by Stephen Kosters, AVL Media Group is an established distributor of professional audio, video, and lighting solutions throughout North America.

More About Solotech

The Solotech mission is to develop and implement innovative AV and entertainment technology solutions to create a unique experience every time, everywhere.

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