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PTZ Cameras – Capture essential scenery focusing on every minute detail

PTZ cameras are ballooning in popularity as live streaming and video conferencing applications become an inevitable necessity in today’s ever-changing world. There is a multitude of applications PTZ cameras focus on, from simple uses at home to large-scale events incorporating a full production team. Regardless of the application, there is a suitable PTZ camera system for you.

But which PTZ camera is best for your specific application? You must first ask a series of questions to find your answer. What type of video connection does your setup require (HDMI, SDI, NDI, USB 3.0)? What software platform is the best for your situation? How far will the camera be from the user (i.e., what type of zoom and resolution is needed)? These are but a few of the pertinent questions in helping you choose the proper PTZ camera. BZBGEAR understands these questions better than most, providing you with ideal solutions for your unique application.

What is a PTZ Camera?

PTZ cameras are ballooning in popularity as live streaming and video conferencing applications become an inevitable necessity in today’s ever-changing world. There is a multitude of applications PTZ cameras focus on, from simple uses at home to large-scale events incorporating a full production team. Regardless of the application, there is a suitable PTZ camera system for you.

How and Where Are PTZ Cameras Used?

Health Care: Providing health care at a distance has become critical, ensuring patients receive the same care they got prior to Covid-19. Video communications known as telehealth and telemedicine provide doctor/patient care without having to be in the same room. 1080P and 4K PTZ cameras offer the best clarity in clinical skills training, conferencing and operating room recording for procedures.

Distance Learning: With the recent shift to distance learning, issues are arising in connecting with low-quality cameras and webcams stifling learning. PTZ cameras are providing the means for teachers to deliver their lessons with uncompromising accuracy showing off details webcams are not able to capture. Remote learning can be accomplished by connecting a USB3.0 cable, HDMI/SDI capture device or stream using RTSP over the LAN.

Live Events: PTZ IP cameras have revolutionized video broadcasting by minimizing the requirement for large video crews and a truck loaded with camera equipment. PTZ cameras provide a stable HD image even while recording fast motion. BZBGEAR cameras offer an array of professional connections for live events including SDI and NDI®|HX technology.

Fitness Instruction: There has been an explosion of home workouts due to the temporary closures of studios and gyms. Everyone from personal trainers to karate instructors are finding ways to connect with their clients with ePTZ and PTZ cameras. Auto-tracking cameras are becoming more popular for individual tracking eliminating the need for an assistant.

Podcasts/Radio: Although podcasts and radio are audio mediums, video podcasts have jumped to the forefront. Video engages a broader audience and sharing content while growing your audience becomes much easier through social media and video-sharing platforms. It’s getting more popular to film and live stream these sessions thanks to the versatility of PTZ cameras.

TV Broadcasts: Reliable audio/video equipment combined with video crews and operators are recipes for a successful TV broadcast. Fortunately, PTZ cameras offer an all-in-one solution, saving cost and manpower. PTZ cameras support a multitude of control options such as IR remote, web-based interfaces, computer programs, and joystick controllers. Various video outputs (HDMI, IP, USB 3.0, 3G-SDI) and the latest compression algorithms (H.264/H.265) provide the ultimate flexibility, while PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows for simpler cabling.

Hobbyists: From playing instruments or video games to showing off collectibles and makeup lines, PTZ cameras are allowing enthusiasts to share what they love with the world. Having rich, unique content along with high-definition 1080P or 4K visuals fully engages viewers. Optical zoom gives the ability to get tight shots without ever losing resolution quality.

Cam Modeling: Viewers crave a clear and detailed visual experience; that is exactly what PTZ cameras bring to the table. 1080p HD video, and even 4K, provide the highest in video quality while preselected scenes via presets add to the convenience and engagement. PTZ cameras also gives viewers the ultimate control by letting them control the pan-tilt-zoom functions through USB/UVC connection via programs like Zoom and Skype.

Business Conferencing: PTZ video cameras and webcams command attention and inspire confidence by injecting your video conferences with crystal clear audio and video. Auto framing 4K webcams mount on top of your display and auto frames depending on the number of people in the camera’s shot. Many are simple plug and play with built-in speakerphones providing powerful audio, there are also table top speaker/Microphones for better clarity when in a group conference call.

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Technologies Associated with PTZ Camera Systems

NDI®: Network Device Interface technology enables multiple video systems to identify and communicate with each another over IP. It encodes, transmits, and receives streams of low latency, broadcast-quality, frame-accurate audio and video in real time. This benefits all network-connected video devices such as PTZ cameras, graphic systems, video mixers, and capture cards. This makes it possible for digital switching between the sources available for live production, without directly connecting to devices, changing locations, or spending on high-cost, high-bandwidth networks that just replace SDI-based workflows.

NDI|HX PTZ cameras are ideal for TV broadcasting and live events like concerts, conferences, and sporting events since you can easily share your IP stream to multiple platforms and devices simultaneously without crushing bandwidth requirements. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for hardware video switches, using instead NDI-supported digital switching software programs like ProPresenter, vMix, and OBS Studio to create your shots and scenes.

4K: In the past the gold standard for high-definition video has been known as 1080p HD. Although 1080P resolution still provides a very nice picture, there is now Ultra-High definition known as 4K; Four times the resolution of 1080p. Razor sharp visuals and vibrant colors make for the ultimate in realistic imaging. 4K essentially has now evolved into the new standard when it comes to broadcasting. Therefore, devices and sources that support and deliver 4K video are taking off captivating audiences attention boosting 4K as the new industrial standard.

SDI vs HDMI: Both connection types are great options that produce high-quality audio and video.

SDI is more ideal for longer distances for connecting to video devices like cameras and professional displays. It holds up to the rigors of live environments and is more durable than other cables. SDI is the professional’s choice utilized for multi-camera applications incorporating a video switch/mixer. SDI PTZ cameras are a reliable choice for professional broadcasting in TV and radio, as well as live events like large conferences and concerts.

HDMI works good for shorter cable runs under 50 feet, but is primarily purposed for standard video applications. HDMI is a standard for offices, homes, and settings with wire runs permanently installed under 50 feet in distance.

Production Switcher: Production Switchers are video distribution devices that bring audio and video together to create a truly professional production. These switches connect multiple PTZ cameras allowing for multiple angles and scene changes. They many times support a variety of inputs including HDMI and SDI providing flexibility to display virtually any video device you need connected. Some have built-in resolution Scalers ensuring stable HD outputs regardless of the input source. Extract or embed audio like music and sound effects for a lively mix of audio and video. AV switchers are a fantastic production complement for houses of worship, recording studios, live events, educational facilities, and presentation rooms.

Webcam USB 3.0: USB is best with webcam and video conferencing applications. It is the simplest form of connection and only requires a computer with a compatible software platform to operate. USB 3.0 is the third major version out now and transfers data 10 times faster than the previous USB 2.0 version. Webcams supporting USB 3.0 are ideal for business video conferencing, educators for distance learning, pro-gamers, cam models, and hobbyists.

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