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Retail spaces, bars, and restaurants rely heavily on high-quality video installations to attract and maintain a solid customer base. The appeal of a room full of displays is hard to overestimate. BZBGEAR offers a full lineup of video solutions geared towards maximizing the potential of your establishment.

Future-proof Your business with AV over IP.
AVoIP represents a revolutionary jump in the distribution of audio and video signals. When compared to a traditional A/V system it is future-proof, more reliable, and easier to install and upgrade. A new installation can be done with a fraction of the cabling and labor costs associated with HDMI-based systems. Transmitting across the local network allows AVoIP to take advantage of low-cost category cabling which is easier to run in tight spaces where HDMI cable installation is not feasible.

Long-term system maintenance is also simplified with an IP-based AV system. When combined with the non-centralized approach of AVoIP equipment deployment, the segmented nature of networks makes identifying points of failure fast and easy. If a component is deemed faulty, only that component needs to be replaced while the rest of the system continues functioning normally.



4K UHD HDMI 2.0 over IP Multicast Transceiver with Video Wall & PoE support

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Smart Controller for HDMI over IP series

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"I love watching sports on a small screen!" - Nobody Ever
When it comes to the big game, size is everything. A bar or restaurant with a giant display instantly becomes a destination on gameday. Projectors and screens suffer from ambient lighting and require unobstructed views to operate at their best. The solution is a video wall processor from BZBGEAR. A video wall processor allows you to stitch multiple displays together to create one large display, and it can often be cheaper to buy 4 1080p TV’s and a video wall processor than to buy a 4K projector and screen suitable for use in bright environments.

The BG-UHD-VW2X2 is a true plug-and-play 2x2 video wall processor. Priced at just $799, it’s the ideal solution for a bar or restaurant looking to make a splash. When combined with four 1080p displays it creates a 4K video wall, creating a massive high-resolution display that’s sure to impress.




2×2 4K 60Hz HDMI Video Wall controller with Audio

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4K/UHD 4X2 Seamless Multiviewer/Presentation Switcher/Scaler with USB Capture Card

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4-Port 4K Conference Room Wireless Presentation Switcher w/HDMI/USB-C/Soft Codec

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Matrix switchers offer reliability in a budget-friendly package.
Matrix switchers are one of the most commonly used AV devices on the market. Their combination of affordability, reliability, flexibility, and ease-of-use make them an easy choice for AV distribution. To overcome the 50 foot distance limitation of HDMI cables, HDBaseT matrix switchers allow the video signal to be extended via category cabling up to 100 meters (328 feet) from the matrix.

BZBGEAR offers a full range of high-quality matrix switchers with options to suit most applications and budgets. Chat with one of our expert sales engineers for more information.


8X8 HDMI 18Gbps Matrix with Audio De-embedding

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4×4 4K 60Hz HDR HDMI Matrix Switcher with Auto Downscaling and RS-232/IP/Cloud

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Divide and Conquer.
When low-cost and simplicity are of the utmost importance BZBGEAR splitters and extenders answer the call. HDMI splitters allow a single source to be shared with up to 16 displays with no complicated controls. Supporting resolutions up to 4K, these units provide crystal clear images and hands-free operation.

BZBGEAR’s HDBaseT splitter/distribution amplifiers allow a single video source to be shared with up to 8 displays at distances up to 100 meters (328 feet) via category cabling. These devices offer supreme reliability, their only control is the on/off switch. This ensures your displays are always active with no chance of someone pressing the wrong button. They support 4K resolution and include audio extraction and insertion for connection with audio systems.


8-Port HDMI 4K 18Gbps 60Hz Splitter/Distribution Amplifier w/CEC Turn On/Off TV

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1×8 4K UHD 18Gbps HDMI HDBaset Splitter/Distribution Amplifier over Category Cable

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