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The entertainment industry relies significantly on stunning visuals for attracting and retaining patrons. One of the most affordable ways to do this is by integrating large TV displays. There’s nothing more appealing than a huge Video Wall or 85” TV projecting a single video source image on the wall, or even showing multiple video sources on various displays. Staying current with AV technology is essential in the sports bar / restaurant industry. BZBGEAR provides the latest in technical solutions assisting with video distribution, audio, and control signals for entertainment purposes assuring customers keep coming back for more!
Future-Proof Your Business with AV over IP — the Most Effective Method for Sending and Receiving Signals
The vast majority of electronic devices communicate online sharing information with each other locally or over the web. The invention of AVoIP was based on a simple theory: if all of these electronic devices communicate on the Local Area Network, why not incorporate Audio/Video components to help consolidate the relevant technologies sharing video signals? The reason this technology was not introduced earlier was due to the lack of overall network infrastructure. AVoIP requires a reliable 1G network infrastructure for streaming high-quality HD and 4K resolutions without crashing the network. Now that this technology is offered in virtually every commercial building, it’s a no-brainer.

The BG-VOP-MT transceiver offers a variety of AV connections including 3.5 mm audio insertion and extraction, RS232, IR, and HDMI loopout. But one of the truly unique features separating BZBGEAR AVoIP devices from the competition is the USB 2.0 ports available for extending peripheral signals from a Host Computer to any location with a display. Simply extend the USB ports from the unit behind the display and interface with the Host computer located remotely. This can be utilized for gaming and businesses alike.

One of the most notable benefits of a AVoIP system is the elimination of older expensive video cabling in conjunction with the labor to install this cabling in walls, attics, and crawl spaces in order to reach the equipment and displays. Although AVoIP also requires cabling, it only needs a single Cat5/6 cable to send and receive signals up to 328 feet. This single Category cable can also power up the device making it both effective and inexpensive to run cables.

Another advantage is its expandability and simplifying long-term maintenance. If a TV suddenly stops receiving a video signal, it's relatively easy to deduce if all sources are working on all other TVs, then it's the Decoder/Transceiver unit located behind the display that has failed. Replace this device and you are back up and running.

So what were sports bars and restaurants doing before AVoIP? In the past, the most common device switching video sources and TVs was a Matrix Switcher—a large centralized metal box unit with lots of connections. The primary issue is if it fails, you’ll need to replace this expensive unit after troubleshooting the issues by process of elimination. AVoIP may initially be a bit more costly, but you’ll be future-proofing your system and saving costs on labor and parts in the long run if anything fails.

BZBGEAR’s AVoIP system offers a unique Transceiver functioning as both a Transmitter and Receiver based on the selected location. A key piece to our system is a software program called BG-AVoIP-Control. It is a FREE, user-friendly software program saving time and money by eliminating the requirement for third-party control systems.


4K UHD HDMI 2.0 over IP Multicast Transceiver with Video Wall & PoE support

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Smart Controller for HDMI over IP series

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Bigger Means Better When Showing Off a Brilliant Composition of Visuals
Deliver brilliant content with BZBGEAR’s unique Video Wall and Multiview processors offering a multitude of layouts and configurations. The BG-UHD-VW2x2 Video Wall processor is perfect for plug and play setups, needing only an IR remote to change layouts and image inversion. As a bonus, connect the BG-PS41-BYOD-4K wireless switcher to allow phones and laptops to share information on the display, engaging customers or group events. Another great option is the BG-UHD-QVP-4X2 multiviewer, great for digital signage showing off ads and relevant content in lobbies and main entrances. If the video wall design requirements exceed the standard 2x2 or 3x3 video wall, then AVoIP is the way to go for Video Walls supporting display layouts up to 16X16.




2×2 4K 60Hz HDMI Video Wall controller with Audio

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4K/UHD 4X2 Seamless Multiviewer/Presentation Switcher/Scaler with USB Capture Card

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4-Port 4K Conference Room Wireless Presentation Switcher w/HDMI/USB-C/Soft Codec

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In Point to Point Systems, Matrix Switchers Deliver Reliability and Performance Tailored for Budgets
The one technology the majority of sports bar and restaurant owners are familiar with is a Matrix Switcher. Matrix Switchers have been a staple in entertainment industries including casinos, bowling alleys, pool halls, malls, airports, and commercial facilities where centralized content delivery is part of the overall design.

Matrix Switchers come in a variety of flavors, but there are a few types most commonly installed: HDMI, DVI, and HDBaseT. It’s critical to choose the proper video switcher based on compatibility as it pertains to connection types, resolutions, audio, and control signals. If TV displays are located at a distance beyond 50 feet, then an HDBaseT switcher is the choice. It integrates transmitters within the main unit while locating signal receivers behind displays for the HDMI conversion. BZBGEAR offers affordable solutions in multiple configurations with a variety of connections covering most project requirements.


8X8 HDMI 18Gbps Matrix with Audio De-embedded

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4×4 4K 60Hz HDR HDMI Matrix Switcher with Auto Downscaling and RS-232/IP/Cloud

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Save Money by Incorporating Splitters and Extenders for Signal Distribution Compatible with AVoIP and Matrix System Design
Since AV distribution can be pricey, it's nice to incorporate devices capable of bringing costs down. For instance, HDMI splitters are relatively inexpensive and can be used to share a single signal to other TVs by mirroring the image. This means if you want a baseball game playing on four TVs in four different locations, a splitter accomplishes this while cutting equipment costs substantially.

When it comes to splitting and extending video signals, BZBGEAR offers a variety of reliable HDMI, SDI, and USB extenders for sources and displays. Split video signals using BZBGEAR HDMI or SDI splitters supporting [email protected] while including a variety of audio insertion and extraction ports for audio amplifiers and soundbars.


8-Port HDMI 4K 18Gbps 60Hz Splitter/Distribution Amplifier w/CEC Turn On/Off TV

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1×8 4K UHD 18Gbps HDMI HDBaset Splitter/Distribution Amplifier over Category Cable

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