Residential Video Distribution

When given the opportunity for a clean-sheet design, many homeowners opt for a centralized AV system. This layout offers several primary benefits when compared to placing equipment locally in each room. The primary benefit is the clean installation of a TV with no visible wires or equipment. Additionally, a centralized equipment location allows for easier servicing and maintenance, both of which contribute to a longer equipment lifespan and reliable operation.

The primary component that makes a centralized AV installation possible is the video switcher. Video switchers are available in many different types, but the core functionality is always the same - a video switcher routes multiple video signals to one or more displays. A simple video switcher routes multiple sources to a single display, while a matrix switcher routes multiple sources to multiple displays.

The latest generation of video switching equipment routes video signals over the local network. Commonly known by several names including AV over IP (AVoIP), these systems have transformed the deployment of large-scale AV projects. With the right network infrastructure in place, the installation process is simplified considerably when compared to the intensive wiring required for legacy AV systems.

Why should I choose packet-based
video distribution for my home?

AVoIP represents a revolutionary jump in the distribution of audio and video signals throughout the home. When compared to a traditional A/V system it is future-proof, more reliable, and easier to install and upgrade. A new installation can be done with a fraction of the cabling and labor costs associated with HDMI based systems. Being carried across the local network allows AVoIP to take advantage of low-cost category cabling which is easier to run in tight spaces where HDMI cable installation is not feasible. Wireless bridges can also be leveraged, making it easy to extend signals to guest houses and pool houses without the cost and hassle of running conduit.

AV over IP systems truly shine in retrofit situations. Outdated video wiring no longer requires drywall cutting and drilling to be replaced. Any location with network connectivity has the potential to carry AV signals. Massive savings in labor time and wall or ceiling repair make upgrades with AVoIP an easy decision for homeowners looking to enjoy the latest video formats while avoiding the stress of involving contractors.

Long-term system maintenance is also simplified with an IP-based AV system. When combined with the non-centralized approach of AVoIP equipment deployment, the segmented nature of networks makes identifying points of failure fast and easy. If a component is deemed faulty, only that component needs to be replaced while the rest of the system continues functioning normally.


4K UHD HDMI 2.0 over IP Multicast Transceiver with Video Wall & PoE support

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Smart Controller for HDMI over IP series

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Consolidate wiring with a 4K matrix switch.
HDMI matrix switchers are a commonly used solution for residential video distribution. They allow users to share multiple HDMI sources with multiple displays and switch between them at will. The BG-UHD-44M is a great example of a 4K HDMI matrix switch and is one of our top sellers. Its combination of price, reliability, and compact size make it an easy choice for conference rooms and sports bars.

When transmission distances exceed 50 feet, HDBaseT switchers like the BG-UM88-100M-KIT are commonly employed. Including 8 HDBaseT receivers, this matrix switch transmits HDMI signals at distances up to 328 feet (100 meters) over inexpensive category cable.


8X8 HDMI and HDBaseT Matrix Switch with Bi-directional IR and ARC Function

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4×4 4K 60Hz HDR HDMI Matrix Switcher with Auto Downscaling and RS-232/IP/Cloud

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Split and extend video signals.
BZBGEAR offers a variety of HDMI and USB-KVM extenders for remote sources and displays. Our [email protected] HDMI extenders like the BG-EXH-70C will extend AV signals at distances up to 240 feet over CAT6 cabling. Split and distribute a single HDMI source to four displays with the BG-DA-1X4AS, supporting resolutions up to [email protected] and equipped with audio outputs for connection to an external audio system.

KVM Extenders are designed to connect computers to remote displays with keyboard and mouse control. BZBGEAR offers a selection of KVM extenders including the BG-EXHKVM-70C.

When a single HDMI signal needs to be shared with several distant displays, a long-distance HDBaseT splitter is a reliable solution. BZBGEAR offers several HDBaseT splitters including the BG-UDA-E18 which can split one source to eight TV displays.


4-Port 4K 60Hz HDMI Splitter with Down-Scaler w/Digital and Analog audio Output

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4K 18Gbps HDMI Extender with Bi-directional IR and Zero Latency up to 70m

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4K 60Hz HDR HDMI/KVM/ARC Extender with Zero Latency up to 230ft

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1×8 4K UHD 18Gbps HDMI HDBaset Splitter/Distribution Amplifier over Category Cable

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