HDMI Extenders Over Category Cable

HDMI Extenders Over Category Cable

HDMI Extenders Over Category Cable Overview

HDMI Extenders over Category cable are the type most commonly employed in modern A/V Installations. They offer so many benefits that they are frequently used in situations where a standard cable would suffice. These benefits include the ability to carry USB, IR and serial control, and Ethernet alongside a 4k HDMI signal over a single Cat5/6/7 cable. This greatly simplifies the wiring and installation process resulting in a cleaner, more reliable finished product. Utilizing extenders is also a great way to future-proof your system. As technology advances and new standards are adopted extenders can be easily upgraded, avoiding the hassle of running new wires.

HDMI Extenders are an ideal fit for:

Home A/V Systems

Leverage existing wiring in your home to transmit HDMI signal

Commercial or Industrial applications

Utilize extenders to cover long distances in warehouses and other spaces

Educational or Office Applications

Simplify and reduce wiring challenges using extenders
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