Let's face it, we still use cables anywhere and everywhere to accommodate our electronic devices. As most of us know, the main purpose of video cables is to interconnect AV components with each other to allow signal transmissions and receptions for our entertainment so we can enjoy TV and movies. Besides being purposed at home for our entertainment, they are also required for businesses, live events, schools, hospitals, and military. In our current era of technology, the demand for cables will be present for quite a long time still. Selecting the proper cables for specific applications can be the true challenge which is why BZBGEAR recommends contacting our design team if there is any confusion. The least expensive or weakest link could ultimately be the beast of burden if not properly specified.

Mounts are a great acquisition for your PTZ cameras, helping secure them to the wall or ceiling. They provide great vantage points of the entire environment and make the cameras more discreet in unobtrusive locations.

BZBGEAR Solutions

Designed for flexibility, reliability, and performance, the BZBGEAR VPTZ series cameras are capable of 10X or 20X optical zoom and has multiple video output connections including Type-A USB 2.0, LAN, HDMI, and 3G-SDI. With flexible installation options including ceiling, wall, tripod, and desk, we show how easy it is to mount the BG-VPTZ-HSU camera.

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