Podcasts are more popular than ever nowadays with popular platforms like YouTube making it easy to get your message across to viewers. Incorporating a solid camera setup is critical when it comes to taking a Podcast to the next level! BZBGEAR has lots of great options including EPTZ and PTZ cameras for catching those momentous scenes.

Podcast Kit 1

Connect (3) BG-EPTZ-UH4K cameras with 4K ultra-high definition for covering different angles and shots.

These web cameras were developed for wide angle shots. Suggested placement of the cameras is between 1-8ft away from the hosts and guests. Use digital zoom to get up and close. Connect these cameras using supplied HDMI cables to the BG-HDVS42U production video switch offering audio embedding connections for mixing microphones and music. Simply connect the production switcher to a computer using the USB-C port output for USB Type-A ports on PC or MAC computers.

Setup Tripods using the ¼ thread located on the bottom of the camera or mount the cameras to a monitor. Live Stream to social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook using popular software programs such as OBS Studios, vMix, ProPresenter and Wirecast.

Total Bundle Price: $2,242.00

QTY: 3   MSRP: $499.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $595.00

50ft HDMI Cables BG-CAB-HD50
QTY: 3   MSRP: $50.00
Not Included:
Audio / PC / Network Switch

Podcast Kit 2

A room setup for Podcasters to Live Stream offering two shot angles with a manual 4X optical Zoom lens. Rely on BZBGEAR’s BG-BFS bullet camera for keeping things simple Connect these cameras using HD-SDI cabling to the BG-CSA SDI capture devices using USB3.0 connection to Laptops and desktop computers. Capture the High Definition 1080P video signal using Software programs including OBS Studios, vMix and Propresenter for Live streaming to popular social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Total Bundle Price: $1,995.98

QTY: 2   MSRP: $699.00

QTY: 2   MSRP: $249.00

50ft SDI cables BG-CAB-SDI50
QTY: 2   MSRP: $49.99
Not Included:
Audio / PC / Network Switch

Podcast Kit 3

Stream like a Podcast pro with BZBGEAR’s BG-VPTZ-10HSU3 compact PTZ cameras providing 10X optical zoom and 1080P High Definition video streaming. Insert audio for mixing, switch angles between the guests and host using the BG-HDVS42U video production switch offering 4 HDMI inputs and Audio/Mic inputs. Utilize the USB-C output on the Video switch for a USB connection to a PC or MAC computer.

Control the cameras Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions with the BG-CJ-IPRSG2 Joystick Controller. Power over Ethernet is sent via the BG-FS8260 managed Network Switch. Live Stream your show to YouTube or Facebook using popular software platforms like vMix, Wirecast, OBS Studios, etc.

Total Bundle Price: $5,039.00

QTY: 3   MSRP: $1099.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $629.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $595.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $299.00

50ft HDMI Cables BG-CAB-HD50
QTY: 3   MSRP: $50.00

(Ceiling or Wall Mount)
QTY: 1   MSRP: $69.00
Not Included:
Network Switch / Audio Source / PC

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