The Best Auto-Tracking ePTZ Camera

Traditional auto-tracking cameras need two cameras integrated within the same unit to function. They are typically PTZ cameras, or pan-tilt-zoom cameras, consisting of motors and other components to adjust the lens and camera positioning. Advanced firmware is also needed to communicate its control signals. This all adds cost and complexity, with a quality auto-tracking camera starting at $2,000. This alone places them out of reach for many users.


Luckily, the BZBGEAR® BG-MAESTRO delivers auto-tracking ability in a compact, reliable, and affordable option. The MAESTRO is an auto-tracking ePTZ camera, or electronic pan-tilt-zoom camera. Not needing any complex components, ePTZ cameras have a smaller, simpler build: one lens and one sensor. Without all the advanced mechanical parts, the cost of an ePTZ camera is much lower. Not only is the cost smaller, the camera itself is also smaller in size as well, advantageous for mounting in places a larger PTZ camera would not fit.


Click the following link for more on the difference between PTZ and ePTZ cameras. For more on the auto-tracking MAESTRO, continue reading and watch the video below for a quick overview to get you up to speed.




What is the MAESTRO?

The MAESTRO is an 8MP ePTZ auto-tracking camera fitted with a 4K Sony® CMOS optical lens, delivering brilliant 1080p30 resolution. Its wide viewing angle allows for 3x digital zoom and ePTZ control with no distortion. It provides quick, accurate detection for tracking movements with its analysis algorithm and high-speed image processing. Once the tracking target is locked, it stays locked while avoiding interfering objects and minor gestures and movements. The MAESTRO also has strong environmental awareness and is unaffected by a room’s size, shape, or layout.


The MAESTRO integrates with virtually any video system because of the multiple outputs available: USB 3.0, 3G-SDI, and IP. Four simultaneous RTSP streams (Close-up main/sub, Panoramic main/sub) enable multiple camera angles broadcasted from a single camera. An audio input allows the connection of a microphone and other external audio sources. PoE (Power over Ethernet) support means power, video, and control is all delivered using a single network cable.



Where Can I Use the MAESTRO?

With the MAESTRO being an ePTZ camera, it does not have any moving mechanical parts, resulting in silent, stable tracking for stealthy operation and excellent reliability. The MAESTRO is an ideal solution right now for those trying to reach a video streaming audience. Closures in schools and fitness centers have given a boost to live streaming, and many are providing content to their audiences through online video. The MAESTRO can be used effectively for distance learning, houses of worship, fitness instruction, hobbyists, vloggers, lectures, and business conferences.


BG-MAESTRO diagram


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