Why Buying Authorized is a Smart Move

Why Buying Authorized is a Smart Move

  •  July 7, 2022

When it comes time to make the purchase to fulfill your AV needs, buying from a third-party dealer for a discount may hurt more than it helps. Authorized dealers of AV products offer many benefits to their customers, including warranties on products, expert knowledge of the items they sell, and access to seven-day-a-week tech support. These advantages are important for anyone considering a new AV purchase.

A privilege to buying authorized is having a warranty on your products. BZBGEAR offers 3-year warranty on Pro AV products and 5-year warranties on cameras. If a BZBGEAR product is purchased from an unauthorized dealer, the warranty will void. Buying from an unauthorized AV dealer may be cheaper short-term, but long-term it proves to be very costly. Measure twice, cut once!

Another great benefit of buying authorized is the tech support availability. For example, BZBGEAR offers tech support for all customers and clients 7-days a week. Our tech support crew can be contacted via phone call and email. Whereas, if someone were to buy our products from an unauthorized third-party dealer, they would not be able to contact tech support. Not having tech support for your new AV products can be detrimental if you are ever in an emergency. For example, if you are a bar owner trying to show a play-off game and boxing match for the heavy weight title; the last thing you need is to be left alone with angry sports fans while you try to figure out your new matrix switcher. Buy authorized to ensure you are in good hands!

Overall, like many other authorized AV dealers BZBGEAR prides itself on providing high quality products; as well as maintaining genuine relationships with customers and clients. The price tag on authorized products may not be attractive compared to unauthorized third-party dealers; but the benefits that come with buying authorized are priceless.

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