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BG-Control Setup Guide

admin • June 18, 2021
In this article we will go over the steps on how to setup and use the basic functions of the BG-Control application. This program is designed to make it fast and easy to control your camera, preview the image, and to set and recall presets. It is not designed for monitoring or recording. The camera preview uses the low-resolution RTSP sub-stream of your camera and does not display HD imaging. It is assumed that your camera is connected to your LAN and has an IP address that is compatible with your router's settings. If this has not been done refer to our knowledge base articles on addressing your camera here or here.   Step 1: Add Camera(s) to your BG Control App   Open the application. Select the slider icon , and click the (+) button located at the bottom right. Add in the Serial No. Title (camera name), camera IP Address, and User Name/Password (admin/admin) of your camera. The “Http Port” field will automatically populate the correct port number (80).     The serial number can be found on the box or a sticker on the base of your camera. Select OK when finished and your camera will be added to the application. Repeat the steps to add more cameras. To view the camera preview, turn on the slider next to the camera. The program uses the RTSP sub-stream of your camera which is a lower resolution. It does not display in HD.     Step 2: Creating Presets Within the preview window of the selected camera, set the camera position using the digital joystick. Once set, hit the save icon located on right side of the window. Give the preset a name and select OK:   Repeat this process to create as many presets for each camera as needed.   Step 3: Recalling Presets To recall the preset(s), select the camera in the main window of the application. The presets for that camera will pop-up in the window at the bottom. Select the on/off switch to recall the desired preset:     Step 4: Saving Favorite Presets This can be done in two ways. The first method is to select the star(s) next to the presets in the recall window.   Alternatively the star(s) next to the presets in the camera add/edit window can be selected.     Step 5: Recalling Favorite Presets To recall any of the favorite presets, select the star button  at the top of the application. In this window, click on the photo of the preset to recall the shot:     Step 6: Edit & Delete Presets and Cameras   Open the camera add/edit window:     Select the pencil icon to change the name or create a new photo for a preset. To edit the camera information, select the slider icon towards the right side of the title bar for that camera. This will allow you to adjust the name, serial number, IP address, and login information. To delete a preset, click the trash bin on the preset you want removed. To delete a camera from the application, select the trash bin located on the right side of the title bar. Enjoy! Please note the main purpose of this application is to set and recall presets. If you need to adjust any other settings beyond that, please login into your camera’s web interface.
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