Hobbyists can be amazing when it comes to their passions. Dedication and aspirations come to life when streaming in high definition to social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook with a high quality camera supporting 1080P or 4K resolutions. BZBGEAR offers an array of options based on your environment and application for these enthusiasts.

Hobbyist Kit 1

The tripod mountable BG-PACKSHOT with 10X optical zoom, high-quality lens, and fast auto-focusing ability excels at detailed close-ups. It also provides the ability to shoot in either landscape or portrait orientation ideal for mobile phone viewing.

Simply connect this camera with the included 33ft USB3.0 Active Cable to a computer's USB port for capturing the stream. Plug in an HDMI cable from the camera HDMI output to a local display for a larger image of the shot. Pick up sound with not one, but two integrated microphones for superior sound recording quality between a distance of 3-6 meters. When it comes to outstanding close-ups and the ability to auto focus without hesitation, the PACKSHOT delivers High Definition video [email protected] Perfect for showing off products including Art/Crafts, Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Food and even cool Toys!

Total Bundle Price: $998.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $799.00

BG-CAB-U3A10 - 33ft Active USB3.0 Cable
QTY: 1   MSRP: $199.00
Not Included:
Computer / Audio / Display

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Hobbyist Kit 2

There are many Hobbyists that enjoy sharing their passions online for folks out there with similar interests. When it comes to capturing all the details, the BG-EPTZ-UH4K web camera offers an amazing wide angle 4K image with digital zoom capabilities.

Easily mount this camera to a monitor, laptop with the clamp or mount to a tripod using the ¼ inch thread from 1-8ft away from the intended target. Connect the 4K Webcam to a local computer using the included USB 3.0 Active 33ft cable, simultaneously connect to a local display with a HDMI cable to view the shot being streamed.

Simple to use, affordable, purchase this kit to help get noticed by others by offering outstanding 4K video covering hobbies like Music, Art, Fashion or Food!

Total Bundle Price: $698.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $499.00

BG-CAB-U3A10 - 33ft Active USB3.0 Cable
QTY: 1   MSRP: $199.00
Not Included:
Network Switch / Audio / PC / Display

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Hobbyist Kit 3

The BG-VPTZ-10HSU3 is a compact Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera ideal for demonstrating Hobbies like Arts and Crafts in High-Definition, supporting resolutions up to [email protected] This camera kit includes a 50ft long distance USB 3.0 Active cable.

Precision control is available by simply downloading BZBGEARS BG-PTZ-Control software program found on https://bzbgear.com/downloads/ supporting PC and Mac computers.

Join the BG-VPTZ-10HSU3 to a PoE Network switch providing “Power Over Ethernet” eliminating the requirement for an external power supply saving both time and money. Access the WebGUI for custom video/audio settings as well as PTZ control under the preview window tab.

Connect a microphone to the back of the camera via the 3.5mm audio port for capturing sounds or connect to a computer directly. Stream using software programs like OBS Studios, vMix, Propresenter, Zoom, Skype, etc. Mount the camera to the wall or ceiling for convenience.

Total Bundle Price: $1,417.00

Upgrade to a 20X or 30X ZOOM for an additional cost:
BG-VPTZ-20HSU3: + $200.00
BG-VPTZ-30HSU3: + $400.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $1099.00

BG-CAB-U3A15 - 50ft Active USB3.0 Cable
QTY: 1   MSRP: $249.00

(Ceiling or Wall Mount)
QTY: 1   MSRP: $69.00
Not Included:
Network Switch / Audio / PC

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