Hospitals are using cutting-edge technology and techniques for the challenges they face daily. It’s vital the AV equipment in place for distributing audio, video, and control signals is reliable for internal and doctor/patient communication. Hospitals seeking premium AV products and designs for extending and distributing signals can trust in BZBGEAR’s healthcare Audio-Visual solutions.
Telemedicine Has Forever Altered the Healthcare Industry
BZBGEAR provides the latest advancements in Telehealth technology for medical professionals. One of our specialties is Doctor/Patient conferencing which has become a sustainable asset for both doctors and patients by helping reduce unnecessary office visits. Doctors can now interact and provide care for even more patients in a day.

The BG-UPTZ-30XHSU-W is effective in patient rooms with its multiple connections for simultaneous streams. Connect the USB 3.0 port to a computer for interfacing with secure conference programs like Vidyo. Provide control for the doctor on the conference end of the call by using UVC control. Simultaneously transmit USB 3.0, HDMI, SDI, or the LAN port for RTSP streaming utilized for patient monitoring. PTZ control can be accomplished via our free BG-PTZ-CONTROL app, the camera’s WebGUI, IR remote, or by implementing a PTZ Joystick Controller.

BZBGEAR’s all-in-one device known as the BG-NUCLEUS-10X is a unique PTZ Camera/Computer combo capable of 10x Zoom with an Intel i5 NUC processor running Windows 10. This incredible device provides convenient connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 3.0, Audio, USB-C, and an HDMI 4K output. Set up user profiles on the Nucleus, situating it as a centralized computer capable of syncing accounts online as well as saving work locally or to the cloud, ideal for conference and patient rooms.


Computer and 1080P HD PTZ Camera All in One Combo

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12X/20X/30X Universal PTZ HDMI/SDI/USB 3.0 RS232/485 Live Streaming Camera Series

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Low Maintenance AV Infrastructure Simplifies Current and Future Expansions with Network Based Video Distribution
The vast majority of electronic devices in hospitals communicate online, sharing information over the Local Area Network or the World Wide Web. Since most electronic devices already communicate on the Local Area Network it’s only logical to incorporate Audio/Video components utilizing the same technology.

AV over IP is ideal for delivering Audio/Video signals in today's medical facilities due to the size of hospitals and the benefits of simplified long-term maintenance. There are many benefits of AVoIP, the most noticeable being the elimination of older expensive video cabling along with the labor to install this cabling in walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces to reach equipment and displays. AVoIP requires a minimal amount of cabling, only using a single CAT5/6 cable for both power and sending/receiving data signals up to 328 feet. This distance limit can also be extended by daisy-chaining (stacking) an additional Network switch for a total of 656 feet.

The BZBGEAR AVoIP system incorporates a unique Transceiver performing as either Transmitter or Receiver; armed with a simple flip switch for selecting the display or source location depending on application design. The BG-VOP-MT transceiver provides high resolution support up to [email protected] as well as an array of connections including HDMI, Audio, RS232/IR, and HDMI Loop out for local monitors or devices. Included with our Transceiver and Gateway Controller is a simple software application for switching sources and displays which can be downloaded in the Apple App Store compatible with newer iOS devices.



4K UHD HDMI 2.0 over IP Multicast Transceiver with Video Wall & PoE support

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Smart Controller for HDMI over IP series

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Data Signal Extension for Medical Equipment Must Be Reliable and Effective for Assisting in Medical Diagnosis and Treatments
A signal device that’s responsible for sending and receiving signals at healthcare facilities is known as a HDMI/KVM Extender designed to work with Category or Fiber Optic cabling for displaying and interfacing with remote computers and other smart medical devices. BZBGEAR offers multiple options including the BG-EXH-150C capable of extending HDMI, Audio, and RS232 signals up to 490 feet (150 meters) in distance over CAT6 cabling. If KVM functionality is a requirement for extending peripheral devices like Keyboards, Mice, or Cameras, then the BG-EXHKVM-70C is the perfect [email protected] solution equipped with HDMI, USB 2.0, and Digital Audio (SPDIF) extraction for local audio equipment.

Large-scale hospitals incorporate Fiber Optic Extenders for cable distances exceeding 328 feet. The reliable BG-UHD-18GFE KVM Fiber Optic Extender provides HDMI, USB 2.0, and RS232/IR connections capable of transmitting an 18 Gbps [email protected] HDMI signal up to an astounding 6.25 miles (10 kilometers) using a single-mode fiber optic cable. Regardless of the distance, BZBGEAR offers budget-friendly solutions developed for distributing audio, video, and control signals.



4K 18Gbps HDMI HDBaseT Extender with Bi-directional IR RS-232 and CEC up to 150M

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4K HDMI USB KVM Extender Kit Over fiber w/HDR, 2-Way IR & RS-232

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