Education for Careers Conference – 2022

Education for Careers Conference - 2022
Post Education for Careers Conference Recap
The Educating for Careers Conference is an annual three-day professional development event surrounding career technical education (CTE). A variety of delivery systems, strategies, and Industry Sectors throughout the CTE system are represented in the more than 200 sessions offered over the course of this three-day conference. Technical assistance is also provided by several of the delivery systems through a variety of methods during the conference.

Sharing Solutions for Education

The BZBGEAR team was able to speak to education industry professionals about BZBGEAR’s extensive classroom technology and education solutions. The team got a chance to highlight BZBGEAR’s BG-VPTZ-HSU3 live streaming PTZ camera, BG-MAESTRO Educational Auto-Tracking camera, BG-COMMANDER PTZ Joystick Controller and the BG-UPTZ live streaming PTZ camera. Overall, the BZBGEAR team was happy to help local educators find classroom technology solutions.