2023 CLF
The Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) World Expo is an annual event that brings together Christian leaders worldwide for fellowship, teaching, and networking. The event is organized by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF), a global youth organization that aims to promote peace, unity, and cultural exchange among young people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

The BZBGEAR team traveled to Atlanta from April 10 to April 13 to showcase our range of house of worship broadcasting solutions. Visitors enjoyed our range of PTZ cameras, joystick controllers, and production switches.

In addition to the exhibit, the BZBGEAR team also hosted a live stream event with one of our team members reporting live from the show floor! During the live stream event, the BZBGEAR marketing team hosted a live giveaway activity, giving viewers a chance to win a bundle of BZBGEAR merchandise.

What did BZBGEAR bring to the CLF show?

As mentioned above, the team brought a range of PTZ cameras, joystick controllers, and production switches. This included the popular BG-ADAMO auto-tracking PTZ camera and one of our latest joystick controllers, the BG-Commander-Jr.

More about 2023 CLF

CLF works to fortify churches, bridge Christian communities, and grow the reach of the gospel to new mission fields.

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