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Matrix Switch and Video Wall Creates Ultra Combo

Many businesses use a matrix switcher to display multiple sources on multiple displays. There are countless applications where a matrix switcher is used: sports bars entertaining with many games on at the same time, clothing stores advertising different brands for digital signage, or hotel lobbies displaying their many amenities.     A matrix switcher…
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Fiber Optic Extender Goes the Extra Mile

Fiber optic cables are becoming the preferred option for transmitting high bandwidth signals like 4K transmissions. In the past, fiber optic cables could easily be compromised if twisted, bent, or even stepped on. But now they are more reliable as the jacket structure is more durable, lighter, and flexible. They really are the go-to cable…
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How to Inject Life into Your Old Analog Devices

Got old VCRs, camcorders, and game consoles collecting dust because they won't connect to your TV? It's a common problem with legacy AV devices and their older analog connections like VGA, RGB, and composite. The majority of TVs today do not include these connectors, only having HDMI ports. The solution to injecting life back into…
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Liven BYOD Meetings with a Wireless Presentation Switcher

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is increasing in significance as virtually everyone has a smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop. And with everyone equipped for the future today, the way we conduct meetings and take notes is advancing. BYOD meetings are more common in the workplace as it speeds things up; making things simpler and, truthfully,…
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