The Best Affordable Video Switcher for Live Streaming 2021

Professional video switchers for TV or film cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. For most people and applications, that is way out of their budget and, quite frankly, unnecessary to have all that production power. BZBGEAR has a perfectly balanced option in a video switcher that provides broadcast-quality audio and video, yet is…
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The Best Auto-Tracking ePTZ Camera

Traditional auto-tracking cameras need two cameras integrated within the same unit to function. They are typically PTZ cameras, or pan-tilt-zoom cameras, consisting of motors and other components to adjust the lens and camera positioning. Advanced firmware is also needed to communicate its control signals. This all adds cost and complexity, with a quality auto-tracking camera…
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Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera Eliminates Need For a Cameraman

Just about all tech today offer hands-free capabilities. And Full HD PTZ cameras are no exception. Introducing the BZBGEAR® LVUPTZ series of auto-tracking PTZ cameras: one an HDMI version and the other an SDI version. Eliminating the need for a camera operator, the LVUPTZ series automatically pans, tilts, and zooms, following its subject as he…
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How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Pro AV Industry

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 hitting swift and hard, the pro AV industry is bracing for hardships. In February, the impact of the pandemic hadn’t yet affected the pro AV industry. Sales growth stayed flat at 60.1, nearly the same score as last year when it was at 60.3, according to AVIXA’s Pro AV Business…
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