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BZBGEAR Amplifier Splitter Delivers Strength and Distance

Similar to a splitter, a distribution amplifier is used to take a single input signal and split it to multiple output displays. However, a distribution amplifier also boosts and strengthens those split signals to reach farther distances without signal degradation.     The BZBGEAR BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT amplifier splitter distributes one HDMI signal to four HDBaseT™…
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HDMI Splitter and Switcher Provide Simple Solutions for Modest Setups

What is the difference between an HDMI splitter and switcher? A splitter “splits” a signal into multiple signals, sending it to numerous TVs at the same time. A switcher “switches” between multiple audio/video devices. We are happy to introduce two products that provide simple solutions for your modest AV setups: our 1x4 HDMI splitter (BZB-DA-14)…
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BZBGEAR 8×8 Matrix Switcher Is the One

Do you have multiple source devices to connect to multiple TVs? Then you’ll need a matrix switcher. Do you happen to own eight different source devices and eight different TVs? Then you’ll most certainly need the new BZBGEAR BZ-UHD-88M-ARC. This is an HDMI / HDBaseT™ matrix switcher that allows transmission of your eight devices to…
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BZBGEAR HDMI Extenders: Long on Distance, Short on Cost

What are HDMI extenders and why would you need one? HDMI cables generally only travel 50 feet before signal degradation occurs. This means the maximum distance from your cable box to your TV should not exceed 50 feet. However, many applications require signals to travel longer distances without losing quality and stability.    …
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