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All-in-One Computer and PTZ Camera Is All You Need

We all put a premium on consolidating platform devices for conference rooms, huddle spaces, large meeting halls, medical offices, and presentation spaces. So when we say there is an all-in-one video conferencing system that enables access to your documents like you were at home or the office, some may be skeptical. Lo and behold, presenting…
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How to Choose the Perfect PTZ Camera

With distance learning and working from home the new norm, live streaming and video conferencing take on even greater importance. Everything from classes and meetings to social events and house of worship processions are all implementing PTZ cameras for dependable live video streams. Now if you’re ready to upgrade to a PTZ camera setup, there…
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PTZ and ePTZ: What Is the Difference?

Live streaming and video conferencing are growing as more of us work from home and practice distancing learning. What was once unfamiliar is now more comprehensible as we become more experienced with these mediums. But of course, there may still be uncertainty on a few aspects. For instance, what is the difference between a PTZ…
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BZBGEAR Provides Distance Learning Solution

The challenges of distance learning are creating pressures for universities and schools everywhere. As stay-at-home protocols continue for many, is our educational system prepared for an extended period of distance learning? How can students and teachers succeed without fear of exposure during a pandemic? Fortunately, schools already have a system established utilizing IP or RS232.…
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