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How to Inject Life into Your Old Analog Devices

Have an old VCR, camcorder, or game console collecting dust because you can’t connect it to your HDTV? This is a common problem with legacy AV devices and their older analog connections such as VGA, component/RGB, or composite. The majority of TVs today do not have these connectors, typically only having HDMI ports. The solution…
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Liven BYOD Meetings with a Wireless Presentation Switcher

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is increasing in significance as virtually everyone has a smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop. And with everyone equipped for the future today, the way we conduct meetings and take notes is advancing. BYOD meetings are more common in the workplace as it speeds things up; making things simpler and, truthfully,…
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The Ultimate Sidekick for Any AV Installer

Robin. Watson. Chewy.   Some of the greatest sidekicks in the history of helpful hands. Always there when the heroes need them. So it’s only fitting a 4K HDR Test Pattern Generator would be an AV installer’s best friend.     Stepping into action to assist you in the field and at AV events…
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BZB Gear HDMI Auto Scaler Connects All Resolutions Automatically

What does a mall sliding door, a Roomba, and Santa’s sleigh have in common?   They’re all automatic.   We are living in a hands-free world today. Everything set to auto, making it just a bit easier to get through this thing we call “life.” Toilets? Just handle business and go. Cars? Not only will…
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