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What Is an HDMI Extender and Its Benefits?

HDMI extenders help out where HDMI cables are weak—distance. HDMI cables only reach 50 feet before signal deterioration settles in. If you've ever experienced your display pixelating, lagging, even with total picture loss, a common fix is to utilize an HDMI extender. An HDMI extender is a point-to-point device that does exactly what its name…
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What Is a Video Switch (Mixer) and Do I Need One?

Live streams can be produced with a single camera or multiple cameras, the latter providing different angles. When you begin working with two or more cameras, it’s a good idea to get the help of a video switch. A video switch, or video mixer, brings in multiple audio/video feeds (e.g., PTZ cameras, presentation slides) and…
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What Is a Capture Card and Do I Need One?

With capture cards becoming more popular among gamers and live streamers, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. For starters, a capture card is an input device that converts video signals to digital data that can then be uploaded to the internet. It helps content creators, gamers, and video production teams capture…
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Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera Eliminates Need For a Cameraman

Just about all tech today offer hands-free capabilities. And Full HD PTZ cameras are no exception. Introducing the BZBGEAR® LVUPTZ series of auto-tracking PTZ cameras: one an HDMI version and the other an SDI version. Eliminating the need for a camera operator, the LVUPTZ series automatically pans, tilts, and zooms, following its subject as he…
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