Business Conferencing

Business Conferencing

Businesses are seeking unique approaches for video/voice communications whether with clients or remote employees telecommuting. Effective and efficient communications are only achieved by investing in a reliable conferencing system delivering crystal clear audio and High Definition video.

BZBGEAR offers an array of conferencing solutions for companies that understand the significance of professional presentation and collaboration.

Conference Kit 1

Cameras like the 4K, Auto-Framing wide-angle BG-EPTZ-AF easily mount on top of your monitor with the attached clamp or on a tripod using the ¼ inch tread located on the bottom of the camera.

Plug and Play, connect this camera using the 33ft Active USB3.0 Cable included in the Kit to a computer's USB port, then simply connect the BG-SMB-4M Speaker/Microphone using Bluetooth or a USB port on the computer for crystal clear and visually stimulating conversations using platforms like Zoom, Skype and Google Meetings. Effortless, reliable and effective!

Total Bundle Price: $1,147.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $649.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $299.00

BG-CAB-U3A10 (33ft Active USB3.0 Cable)
QTY: 1   MSRP: $199.00
Not Included:
PC / Table Nook / Display

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Conference Kit 2

Simple and robust, the BG-Nucleus is a unique powerful ALL-IN-ONE consolidated PTZ camera and computer providing a multitude of features and options for conference rooms.

This one of a kind device offers all the functionality of a Intel NUC computer including an I5 Intel Processor, 16GB RAM, 512 GB M.2 SSD and is powered by Microsoft Windows 10 OS. Unlike the typical integrated camera on a laptop, the Nucleus utilizes a 10X optical zoom lens with an included IR remote for capturing distant and close up shots of patients' concerns.

Conveniently connect the Nucleus to a local display using the HDMI output connection for a crystal clear [email protected] when streaming video. Link the BG-SMB-5M Speaker/Microphone using the included Wi-Fi adapter or USB cable. Plug in USB wireless adapters for a clean aesthetically desirable appearance for keyboards, mice, headsets, etc. Create multiple user profiles and consolidate programs saving space with the BG-Nucleus capturing video and audio without additional cables and equipment.

(Does your application require an I7, the Nucleus can be customized for an additional cost)

Total Bundle Price: $2,848.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $2,499.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $349.00


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Conference Kit 3

The BG-VPTZ-10HSU3 PTZ camera provides a clean 1080P HD image and can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling while offering a 10X zoom capable of capturing close up shots 30ft away. Connect the 33FT USB3.0 Active Cable to a computer and plug in BG-SMB-5M Speaker/Microphone via USB or link with the included Wi-Fi adapter for a crystal clear conversation in High Definition.

Connect this camera to a PoE Network switch for power or use the included power supply.

Total Bundle Price: $1,647.00

Upgrade to a 20X or 30X ZOOM for an additional cost:
BG-VPTZ-20HSU3: + $200.00
BG-VPTZ-30HSU3: + $400.00

QTY: 1 MSRP: $1,099.00

QTY: 1   MSRP: $349.00

BG-CAB-U3A10 (33ft Active USB3.0 Cable)
QTY: 1   MSRP: $199.00
Not Included:
Display / PC

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Conference Kit 4

The BG-AIO-KIT video conferencing system is the perfect solution for small and medium sized rooms. By integrating high quality video and crystal-clear audio, this kit makes it easy to include everyone in the conversation. Compatible with both Mac and Windows devices, it will work with most conferencing software and cloud applications. Simply connect the kit to your computer via USB and your computer to a Display using common HDMI cabling and the video/audio system will be ready for action.

For great-sounding audio calls, pair a mobile device to the speakerphone with Bluetooth. For those in need of an easy to use device for small meeting rooms, individual offices, and collaboration spaces, the BG- AIO-KIT is a straightforward and affordable video conferencing solution. Choose the BG-AOIE-KIT for (2) extra microphones for large conference tables.

BG-AIO-KIT (Single Microphone): $1,699.00

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BG-AIOE-KIT (Two Extension Microphones): $1,999.00

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