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BZB Gear Fiber Optic Extender Reaches Great Heights

Think 328 feet that Category cables send HDMI signals is impressive? Optical fiber: hold my cable.   [embed][/embed]   Predominantly seen in the commercial world, there are long distance applications where Cat cables just won’t cut it. Some HDMI signals need to extend upwards to 3000 feet! That’s where a fiber optic extender comes into…
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BZB Gear 4K Scaler Is a Powerful Compact Solution

The BZ-PT-SH2 is a powerful, compact 4K scaler and repeater. The BZ-PT-SH2 is a powerful, compact 4K scaler and repeater. Yes, it is worth repeating and mentioning twice! The BZB Gear 4K scaler is an amplified HDMI Upscaler/Downscaler that can also repeat your HDMI signal, extending it longer distances.   [embed][/embed]   With 4K TVs…
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BZB Gear BZ-UHD-42M 4K Matrix Switcher and Scaler

Whether a commercial environment or residential, the BZB Gear BZ-UHD-42M 4K matrix switcher is a great economical solution when needing to connect four HDMI devices to two 4K displays. The BZ-UHD-42M is a 4x2 matrix switcher that supports resolutions up to 4K2K@60Hz YCbCr with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling at 18Gbps. It even supports 3D format and…
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Best Killer Tech in Horror Movies

What do you get when you mix technology and horror movies? Some killer tech! Technology is meant to aid and make our lives easier, maybe that’s why it’s so terrifying when this very technology turns against us. Not to mention the unknown scares us along with things we don’t fully understand. I know what a…
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